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We supply up to £10 million, so if you need a bridging loan today simple fill in our easy application form and we will approve it within a matter of minutes. We will also ensure that all funds are transferred within a 2 day period. Apply today for bridging loans UK!

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Welcome to Only Bridging Loans

Only Bridging Loans is a group of UK specialist brokers. We are not restricted to any lender or panel of lenders. As independent brokers we offer advice based on the whole market for both commercial and residential clients. We pride ourselves of having access to many loan providers from high street banks to small private investors, with the number growing on a regular basis which enables us to pick the one that serves each client best.

At Only Bridging Loans we will not only arrange a quick bridging loan, we will arrange a loan tailored to meet the client's individual situation at a very competitive rate regardless whether the bridging loan is small or large.

  • Rates from 5.50% pa (£50m+); typically 0.70%-1.5% pm
  • Rates from 0.95% pm for Non Status Loans
  • Residential loans from £5,000 to £10 million
  • Commercial finance up to £500 million
  • Terms from 1 day to 3 years+
  • Interest roll up options
  • Variable or fixed rates
  • All circumstances considered
  • Flexible lending criteria
  • First, Second or in some cases Third charges
  • Any purpose lending
  • Most types of property construction

We have a team of specialist brokers who have vast experience and knowledge of the field. This guarantees our esteemed clients that they will receive personalized services to ensure they understand all the procedures of the process. We arrange both open and closed bridging loans in one of the shortest time scales in the industry and in some cases we can arrange funds within 24 hours. If our client can evidence their income we can even offer secured loan instead of bridging loan which have more competitive rates.

Open bridging loans are ideal for customers who have still not found an owner for their old property but they've chosen a new property to move into. An open loan will help with a cash inflow until the client can sell the old property. Closed bridging loans on the other hand are ideal for customers who have everything set up - selected a new property, and have already inked a sale contract for their old one. Closed bridging loans rates are lower and finance can be released nearly immediately.

Bridging Finance might be used for various short term finance solution such as:

  • Property sale has fallen through or is delayed and client is purchasing another property
  • Purchasing properties at auction
  • Property development
  • Property Refurbishment
  • Temporary cashflow problems
  • Buy-to-let
  • Renovation of property
  • Land acquisition
  • Urgent payment of a tax bill
  • Avoiding bankruptcy
  • Prevention of repossession
  • Divorce settlement
  • Inheritance tax

All email and phone enquiries are answered by experienced brokers who are always happy to provide quote and answer any questions that you may have. We are very transparent with all our services and you can be sure that what you see is what you get. This means that we don't have any hidden costs that you might come to know of later on after you have signed the contract.

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  • fast application
  • safe and secure
  • loan arranged in less than 24 hours
  • reassurance of borrowing from one of the UK's leading bridging lenders
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