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Posted 6 March 2013

Buying or selling a property can turn out to be your worst nightmare. If you have purchased a new property while still in the process of selling your old one, then you will understand the risks in accidentally owning 2 properties at the same time during the sale/purchase process, with the all the problems of making payments on both properties at the same time.

This situation can happen more than you think, according to an spokesperson. In today’s market place everything to do with the sale and purchase of a property is up for negotiation, and to get the deal done when buying and selling the property many times closing dates for both parties can be up for negotiation, making it difficult if not impossible for both parties to complete the purchase of one property and sale of another on the same day.

When this occurs, all parties end up with either nowhere to live or they can end up owning and paying for two properties at the same time, with two mortgages to pay for and fund. This can be quite stressful and in many cases impossible for many people these days to hold 2 mortgages, that is where we can help. offers bridge financing as a solution to this situation. We provide a solution to the dilemma of owning 2 mortgages and make the process mor manageable whilst in the buying and selling process, a spokesperson said. They offer closed bridging finance which covers you for a pre-defined amount of time in months. The benefit of this is that the close date of the purchase is agreed and defined an any purchase agreement. Other solutions are an open bridging loan. Open bridging finance is financial cover for you in the event that you buy a new home but do not have a contract to sell your existing home, or any intention of doing so if you are purchasing on a buy to let basis and adding to your property portfolio.

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