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We supply up to £10 million, so if you need a bridging loan today simple fill in our easy application form and we will approve it within a matter of minutes. We will also ensure that all funds are transferred within a 2 day period. Apply today for bridging loans UK!

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We Lend Smaller Amounts

We're a Bridging Finance specialist happy to lend smaller amounts. offers bridging loans from just £25,000 upwards (up to £1million.)

We Lend all over the UK

OBL lends throughout England, Scotland and Wales and even has a specialist division dedicated to lending in mainland Scotland and the Islands.

We Lend on Heavy Refurbs

We are able to offer an 'Express Refurb' product which funds the purchase or re-finance of properties needing heavy internal refurbishment. Ideal for properties in a shell condition or requiring a bathroom or kitchen etc. (not meeting Buy to Let mortgage criteria.)

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